welcome to the rape crisis website

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) is a Registered Charity (number: 1119680) and the national umbrella organisation for our network of independent member Rape Crisis Centres. We support the work of local Centres and the development of new Centres in areas where there are no or few specialist services.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) campaigns continuously to raise awareness of sexual violence, its prevalence and effects and, in particular, we highlight the importance and need for appropriate, high-quality and specialised support for survivors. We challenge attitudes and press for change.

We also work with other organisations, agencies and government departments to improve the response to those who are affected by and those who perpetrate sexual violence.

Rape Crisis Centres provide crucial crisis and long-term specialised support, counselling and independent advocacy for women and girls of all ages who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives; whether recently and/or in the past. Rape Crisis Centres are community-based, and independent of government and the criminal justice system.

On this website you will find information about rape and other forms of sexual violence, and details of your nearest Rape Crisis Centre if you are looking for support. There is also information for family and friends of sexual violence survivors, students and professionals.